Mangieri, Mobley win WLGC 2-Man Scramble

DEA’s Bree Wimberly scored 32 points in DEA’s 47-43 loss to Edmund Burke.

The Waynesboro team of Daniel Mobley and Chris Mangieri won the inaugural,  Willow Lake 2-Man Scramble Golf Tournament that was held this past weekend at Willow Lake Golf Club.

After an opening round of 64 on Saturday, Mobley and Mangieri came roaring back on Sunday with an 11-under par score of 60. Their 18-under par total score of 124 was two shots better than the teams of Jon Suma and Tommy Land and Chandler Dennard and Mark Lyons who each fired two-day total scores of 126.

In all, 31 teams competed for the championship. Golf Pro Gregg Wolff extended appreciation to the players as well as the volunteers who made inaugural Willow Lake 2-Man Scramble Golf Tournament a huge success.

Flight Winners

Championship Flight: Daniel Mobley & Chris Mangieri, 1st place, 124 (64-60); Chandler Dennard & Mark Lyons, 2nd place, 126 (62-64); Jon Suma & Tommy Land, 3rd place, 126 (60-66). 

Championship ‘A’ Flight: Hunter Collins & Dennis Reddick, 1st place, 128 (66-62); Steve Collins & Carter Collins, 2nd place, 130 (65-65); Scott Glanton & Eric Smith, 3rd place, 130 (66-64); Jimmy Mobley & Jason Williams, 4th place, 131 (67-64).

First Flight: Ken Lusher & JC Smith, 1st place, 131 (69-62); Ken Reddish & Dan Shalongo, 2nd place, 132 (68-64); Allen Crooms & Will Massey, 3rd place, 133 (68-65); Bubba Aspinwall & Steve Kirkland, 4th place, 134 (69-65). 

Second Flight: Brad Stubbs & Tam Doan, 1st place, 133 (70-63); Ty Hutson & Josh Phillips, 2nd place, 137 (71-66);  Cannon Deloach & Scott Callaway, 3rd place, 137 (70-67); and Bobby Jones & Casey Pinkard, 4th place, 137 (70-67).

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