Tigers, Lady Tigers place second at Sectionals

Pictured, left to right: Coach James Ferry; Ashton Eason; Sharrod Johnson; Ayden Kilpatrick; Ja’Khia Edenfield; Christian Washington; Leo Mann; David Espitia; Lantis Tobin; Jamie Faith Ferry; Jamarren Morgan; Angel Jarvis; JD Wilson; Sarissa Ferrell; Fernandez Burke; Tamira Walker; Coach Antwan Coney; Coach Penny Mason; Coach John Mark Sweat.

  Track teams advance to state

All seven members of the Lady Tiger Track Team qualified in events at the GHSA Sectionals held at Mitchell County High School this past weekend.  

Sarissa Ferrell won the 100m hurdles and the 4x400 relay with Jamie Faith Ferry, Tamira Walker and Jeniya Lawrence.  

Ja’Khia Edenfield qualified in the shot put.  

Angel Jarvis qualified in the 1600m, 3200m, 800m and as a member of the 4x400 relay team.  

Ferrell, Lawrence and Walker also qualified in the 4x100 relay with Tye Starnes.  

Lawrence qualified in the 100m dash.

Walker qualified in the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles. 

Coach James Ferry stated, “It was another great event for our girls.  Everyone showed up and showed out.”  

He continued, “Angel showed a lot of guts going early in the day in the 1600 and then following it up with the 800 and finishing second in the 3200, beating the Jenkins County girl that won the region.  

“Tamira was also very impressive, coming back in the hurdles and relay after falling in the 4x100, scraping her elbow badly.

“The girls’ meet ended with the 4x400 relay. Jamie Faith Ferry, who was the first leg, turned in her best time and had a clean hand-off to Tamira Walker while other teams were struggling with their hand-offs.

Tamira took second place and maintained it until her clean hand-off to Jeniya, who stayed on the tail of the first-place runner until the final 70 meters. She then passed and gave the baton and the lead to Sarissa Ferrell, who never looked back and brought the victory home.  

“Talent is God-given, and effort is human.  These seven girls have given effort to make their families, school and community proud. God bless and go Tigers.”

Eleven of the twelve boys qualified for the GHSA state track meet as well.  

Fernandez Burke put an impressive 44-foot triple jump to land him in first place. 

Fernandez also qualified by winning the 4x100 relay with JD Wilson, Zamarrion Kirkland and Sharrod Johnson.  

Christian Washington qualified in the 400 meter.

Wilson and Kirkland qualified in the 100m dash.  

Kirkland qualified in the 110m hurdles.  

Wilson qualified in the 200m dash.  

Lantis Tobin qualified in the 300m hurdles and the 4x400 relay with Washington, Ayden Kilpatrick and Jamarreon Morgan.  

Antwan Coney qualified in the discus throw.  

The 4x800 relay team of Ashton Easton, David Espitia, Kilpatrick and Morgan also qualified.  

Coach John Mark Sweat stated, “We had a great day at sectionals. We got most of our guys qualified, and some that we didn’t think would get in busted their butts and got themselves a seat on the bus for the state meet.  

“We have some guys with legitimate shots at individual state championships.”  

The 4x100 relay was impressive for the boys’ team. Burke started the relay keeping close to the other teams.  

The 100m region champ, JD Wilson, took the clean hand-off and blew down the back stretch, establishing a lead for the tigers.  

Kirkland took the curve leg and extended the lead before handing it off to Johnson.  

Johnson flew down the last 100m stretching the lead for impressive victory.  

Sweat added, “We have four of the fastest guys in our sectional. If there were not three false starts in the 100m, we would have had three guys qualify for the state meet in 100m dash, all with a real chance to win.”  

The GHSA State Meet schedule can be found on the GHSA website under track and field.

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