PCA cross country begins season

Kneeling, l-r: Riley Nevil, Lilly Griffin, Ella Johns, Laci Stone. Standing: Jax Lewis, Matalie Miles, Abi Scott, Payton Cowart, Truett Rountree.

PCA senior

The Pinewood Christian cross country team is ecstatic to start the season and to accomplish many goals, including the varsity girls winning region for the first time in Pinewood history. This year there are three senior girls on the varsity team: Lydia Kicklighter, Ally McCall and Matalie Miles.

The Pinewood Cross Country team hosted their first meet at Pinewood Christian Academy on Saturday, Aug. 29. PCA and Frederica were the two teams competing.

In the varsity run of 3.1 miles, Laci Stone placed 4th overall, leading Pinewood’s girls’ varsity team with a time of 24:41. Stone was followed by Riley Nevil, 5th (27:02), Lilly Griffin, 7th (27:34), Ella, Johns 8th (28:19), Matalie Miles, 10th (29:25), Payton Cowart, 12th (31:01), and Abi Scott, 13th (31:02).

The varsity boys also ran a course of 3.1 miles. Truett Rountree placed 4th with a time of 22:30. He was followed by Jax Lewis, 5th (22:40).

Middle school girls ran a course of 1.5 miles, Pinewood was led by Taylor Bland, 2nd (11:24). Bland was followed by Carrington Dutton, 3rd (13:04) and Emma Strickland, 4th (13:07).

Middle school boys also ran a course of 1.5 miles, Bryson Croft finished first overall with a time of 11:22. Following Croft was Kevin Wasson, 3rd (12:17), Taylor Sapp, 5th (14:18), and Sutton Dekle, 6th (14:20). 

Pinewood’s varsity girls came in second behind Frederica Academy, scoring a total of 34 points to Frederica’s 21.

The Pinewood Cross Country team also attended a varsity-only meet hosted by Augusta Prep on Saturday, Sept. 12. The teams in attendance were Augusta HS, Augusta Prep, Brentwood School, Evans High School, Greenbrier High School, Greenbrier MS, Grovetown HS, Pinewood Christian, Richmond Academy, South Aiken Christian and Westminster Schools of Augusta.

In the varsity run of 3.1 miles, Laci Stone led the girls’ team with a time of 24:26, placing 11th overall. Following Stone was Riley Nevil, 19th (25:26), Lilly Griffin, 33rd (27:09), Matalie Miles, 46th (29:40), and Payton Cowart, 48th (30:24). Pinewood’s varsity girls finished in 7th place.

Also running the varsity course, Bryson Croft finished 52nd with a time of 28:40.

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