Tigers eliminated from state play

Tiger senior Devin Davis takes a lay-up between two Lanier Co. defenders.

The Metter Tigers Basketball team hosted the Lanier County Bulldogs last week for the first round of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) State Basketball Playoffs.

The Tigers were the #2 seed out of Region 3A, and Lanier County was the #3 seed out of Region 2A. Lanier County came in as the 6th ranked team in the State.

Quickly falling behind, the Tigers were down by 7-0 before scoring their first points in the game. At the end of the first quarter, the Tigers trailed by a score of 11-17.

In the second quarter, Metter struggled to find scoring as the Bulldogs sat back in a zone and protected the basket. They kept pace with the Bulldogs, scoring 16 to Lanier’s 17.

By halftime, the Tigers were down 27-34. The third quarter was much like the second, with the Tigers keeping the pace at scoring 13 points, but trailing the Bulldogs’ 14 points.

Going into the final quarter, the Tigers trailed 40 to 48. In that frame, Jerrail Lawrence would go out with an ankle injury, and the Bulldogs would pull away to defeat the Tigers by a score of 72-60. 

This loss ended the Tigers’ season and dashed all hopes of winning a State title. 

Top scorers for the Tigers were Taj Hobbs, 17 points; Jerrail Lawrence, 12 points; Devin Davis, 12 points; Ean Royal, 7 points; Ian Hobbs, 7 points; Domonique Harrison, 4 points; and Broc Altman, 2 points. Ian Hobbs took the only charge of the game. 

The Tigers graduate eight seniors this year and will be focusing on rebuilding next year. 

“With only three returners, the Tigers will be looking to fill big shoes from some younger players from the JV team,” said Head Coach William Altman. 

Graduating seniors will be Ean Royal, Johnny Collins, Jerrail Lawrence, Devin Davis, Devin Smith,  Dra Tremble, Taj Hobbs,  and Aaron Collins.

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