Dear Editor:

    I had a terrible experience at the post office in Metter, Ga. It was like the people were robots instead of humans. They had no care whatsoever.

    I was buying an envelope to mail a package. As I closed the envelope with the glue that was attached, I noticed I forgot to put an item into the envelope.

    The lady at the counter was watching the whole incident. Having a hard time reopening the envelope, I accidentally tore it a little.

    Being an honest person, I still used the same envelope, inserted my forgotten item and then resealed it.

    Just as I was about to pay for it, I asked the woman at the front counter could I have the small piece that I had accidentally torn taped. She said no. She said I had to buy a whole roll of tape.

    I pleaded with her that I only needed one small piece. She did not care at all. At that point, I looked at the roll of tape, which cost almost $5.

    “Wow,” I said. “That cost more than the package cost to send!”

    Still being a nice person, I paid for the torn envelope and went home. In the car, I called the manager at the same post office. He was as nasty as she was but worse.

    He gave me reason to question his IQ based on the terrible scenario he gave me. I had to correct him on that. In the end, we got into a heated argument before getting off the phone.

    Later, I called corporate. They took my report and review but still no action.

    I will never go to Metter Post Office again and I advise everyone not to, either.

    I usually drive to Statesboro, GA, Post Office, which is great and is the total opposite of Metter’s.

    Now, I will continue to only shop in Statesboro, GA.

Antawn Sampson

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