The following is an unofficial list of law enforcement activity by Candler County Sheriff’s Office and Candler County EMS during the last week.




Metter Police Department investigated the following incidents Jan. 19-25:

Jan. 20: Harassing phone calls, 330 MLK St.

Jan. 23: Misc. report, 400 Cedar St.

Jan. 23: Misc. report, 20 N. Leroy St.

Jan. 23: Burglary, residential, 901 Mincey St.

Jan. 23: Identity fraud; 475 Washington St.

Jan. 23: Criminal trespass, 946 Donaldson St.

Jan. 24: Juvenile case, 340 Simmons St.

Jan. 24: Stop sign violation, possession of open container of alcoholic beverage in passenger area, possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz.; possession of drug-related objects; Leroy St.

Jan. 24: Harassing phone calls: 223 SW Broad St.




Candler County Sheriff’s Office investigated the following incidents Jan. 19-25:

Jan. 19: Misc. report.

Jan. 20: Child molestation; undisclosed location on Hwy. 129 South.

Jan. 20: Simple battery and cruelty to children, 1800 block, Airport Rd.

Jan. 20: Terroristic threats, 300 block, Mosley Rd.

Jan. 23: Burglary, residential, 27600 block, Hwy. 46 West.

Jan. 23: Cruelty to children, undisclosed location, Hwy. 129 South.

Jan. 23: Misc. report, 1000 block, Branchwood Lane.

Jan. 24: Disorderly conduct, 17600 block, Meridy Rd.

Jan. 24: Simple battery, 1300 block, Debbie Lane.

Jan. 25: Theft by taking, $1500 or less, 19100 block, Hiawatha Rd.


Jason Edward Collins, arrested Jan. 24 by MPD for possession of drug-related objects; possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz.; stop sign violation.

Maurice Justin Maxwell, arrested Jan. 24 by GSP, hold for another agency.

Fredrick Lamar Mikell, arrested Jan. 24 by CCSO for disorderly conduct.

Osborne Williams, arrested Jan. 24 by GSP for DUI, first; use of safety belts in passenger vehicles, front seat occupants.

Damien Neron Lanier, arrested Jan. 23 by CCSO, for probation violation.

Jose Luis Quistiano, arrested Jan. 23 by MPD for criminal trespass.

Aaron David Bradford, arrested Jan. 21 by GSP, for driving on roadways laned for traffic; DUI, first; speeding, 70 mph or more.

Steven Kyle Williams, arrested Jan. 20 by CCSO, for probation violation misdemeanor.


The Phillip Phillips listed under the arrest and booking report in last week’s paper is not Phillip Phillips of Lyons who owns and operates Phillips Tree Service.



Candler County EMS had the following report for the week of Jan. 19-25:

48 total responses

41 emergency responses

7 non-emergency responses

12 out of county transfers

No transports: 7 refused transport; 1 public assist; 1 other.

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