Jake Lescak, a 12th grader at Metter High School, created a short film titled “Visage” in his second semester of Tony Lescak’s Audio Video & Film Class. 

The film was submitted to the Georgia Film Festival for consideration in the “High School Shorts” category. The film is now an “Official Selection” and will be presented during the Georgia Film Festival. 

The Georgia Film Festival is a two-day film festival hosted by the University of North Georgia on its Gainesville campus. 

GFF celebrates filmmakers & films based in the state of Georgia and in the southeast and offers great indie films & workshops led by industry experts. 

Jake and his father, Tony, who teaches the filmmaking class at MHS, will be traveling to Gainesville on Sept. 20 to attend the festival and represent Metter High School.

“I am excited that one of my students as well as my son has the honor of his short film being shown to a state-wide audience. This represents the level of quality that I strive for every day at Metter High School. 

“I want my students to have the skills and education to compete on a national level. We enter a lot of videos into contests each year but they are hard to win, the competition out there is fierce. That’s what makes it so meaningful when we win something.” says Mr. Lescak.

The tagline for “Visage” reads: “In the deep recesses of a place seemingly nowhere, a poet struggles with the oppressive ambiguity of his surroundings. He is however, not alone in this void of reality.”

The film may be viewed in its entirety at https://youtu.be/h4GyrLAFgA8

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