Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference was again changed to a virtual conference. 

On Tuesday, March 23, several Metter High School FBLA competitors, along with Advisers Brenda Deal and Brandy Rogers, gathered in the Bigwood Room for an all-day conference. 

Attendees watched the Opening Session through the Live Stream video and then competed in a Monopoly tournament which is a favorite activity at some of the in-person Georgia FBLA conferences. 

After lunch students continued with more team building games and activities while waiting for the Awards Session to begin.

During the Opening Session Live Stream video, Metter High School FBLA was awarded 1st Place in Largest Market Share (which is total chapter membership percentage of school population), 3rd Place in Largest Local Chapter Membership – Professional Division, and 4th place in Largest Local Chapter Membership. 

Metter High School FBLA was once again named a Superior Chapter for the 9th year in a row. MHS FBLA has received this award each year since this particular award’s inception.  

During the Awards Ceremony Live Stream video, Metter High School FBLA was awarded 1st Place in the prestigious Chapter of the Year competition for Division 2, which is all schools that have less than 1500 students enrolled.

Individuals who received recognition during the virtual conference included Haley Mosley and Tate West for serving as Region 4 Officers during this school year. 

Haley Mosley won 5th Place in the Dr. Russell Mercer Who’s Who in FBLA statewide competition. Mosley also was awarded Who’s Who in Georgia FBLA Region 4, and Brenda Deal was awarded Adviser of the Year for Region 4. 

Other individuals recognized during the day include Tate West for Business Achievement Awards America level, Angel Jarvis and Jeffery Lastinger for Business Achievement Awards Leader level, and Gracie Grimes for Community Service Awards Service level.

Students participating in the competitive events online prior to the virtual conference day were Shanna Coursey, Zoie Daughtry, Abigail Durden, Daniel Durden, Emily Gabriel, Gracie Grimes, Dalton Herb, Aeden Ikner, Wyatt Ivey, Angel Jarvis, Jeffery Lastinger, Dylan Lee, Enrique Marcelo Hernandez, TJ Mason, Haley Mosley, Kusal Patel, Yash Patel, William Salinas, Aubrey Waters, Tate West and Brooke Willis.



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