‘Your child is our top priority,’ Superintendent Longgrear

Dr.Bubba Longgrear

Dear Candler County Schools Family:

I write this to give you an update of where we are as a school system after having completed one week of school.

Overall we had a really good first week. Currently, we have around 20% of our students beginning Learning from Home instruction Monday, Aug. 17. 

Those students attending face-to-face instruction seemed to enjoy getting back into a routine and having an opportunity to interact with friends and new teachers. 

I can say that overall as a District, we are so excited to start back and be a vital part in helping our students grow and develop both academically and socially.

As expected, we have encountered several health-related instances in the first week, and our nurses have been extremely responsive to the needs of all. Predictably, students are more apt to catch a virus or anything that is contagious due to the fact that they have not been in school for nearly six months. 

With that being said, we had multiple cases of stomach bugs, strep throat diagnosis and even those with symptoms that could be related to COVID-19. We had at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 among staff and a few students who have self-reported as being positive as well. 

There have also been several negative tests and even some still awaiting results. 

As a reminder, teachers and/or students are removed from the environment when there is evidence of fever or other symptoms. They are then allowed to return after 24 hours without fever or with permission from a doctor. Understanding the nature of the current climate, we want to reemphasize our commitment to cleanliness, including partnering with Ecovasive and also consistently cleaning and sterilizing as much as possible.

In total, there are approximately 2500 individuals involved in our school system on a daily basis between students and staff. That equates to over 25% of our current county population. Inevitably, there will be additional positive cases of COVID-19 as well as other contagious diseases among those attending and working at school. 

We are committed to striving for safety for all and also providing support for students to thrive academically as well as socially-emotionally. We desire for all of the students to attend in-person instruction but realize that there are variables that prevent all from attending and therefore we have our LFH option. 

This option is available at any time a family feels that the risk of attending school in person is too high for their particular situation.

We are in difficult times and there are a lot of varying opinions on how things should best be done, and details of moving forward with school is no exception. 

I ask that you continue to partner with teachers and staff as we navigate these unprecedented times. 

Please know that your child is our top priority and providing the best education for them is our commitment. We appreciate you!


Bubba Longgrear, Ed. D


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