Tax Commissioner, Assessor to relocate to Daniel Street

The future home of the Tax Assessor and Tax Commissioner's offices on Daniel St.

 The Tax Commissioner’s Office and Tax Assessor’s Office will relocate next week from Candler County Courthouse to the Adult Learning Center facility at 25 Daniel Street.

 The Tax Assessor’s Office will move on Monday, Oct. 19, while the Tax Commissioner’s Office will move on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

 On these days, the respective offices will be offering limited services to the public.

 To visit these offices at their new location, the public can enter the building from Daniel Street. The Tax Assessor’s office will be straight ahead, while the Tax Commissioner’s office will be to the left.

 The Adult Learning Center will continue to serve its students on the western end of the building and will access the facility from the back.

 The decision to move the two offices from the Courthouse to the new location came as a result of Grand Jury recommendations, according to County Administrator Bryan Aasheim.

 “The Grand Jury has made these recommendations to improve conditions in the Courthouse in terms of space,” Aasheim explained. “The Clerk of Court office and Probate Court office have to remain in the Courthouse. This is state mandated.”

 With the additional space will come other renovations at the Courthouse, including the addition of public restrooms, another recommendation of the Grand Jury. According to Aasheim, the design phase has been completed and is ready to be discussed by the board of commissioners.

 The move is being made at about the same time that property tax notices will be going out. That means that the public will need to remember this change when they go to pay their 2020 tax bills. Sign-age will be put in place to remind the community.

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