‘Scoops’ to open today

Ann Sikes (r), long-time employee of Franklin Hardware (the building now occupied by Scoops), gets the first official serving of Scoops ice cream from owner Greg Strickland. 


 “Hey, let’s go get a scoop of ice cream?” Whenever anyone asks that question in Metter starting today (Wednesday, July 8), the place is Scoops, located at 22 South East Broad Street, next door to Canoochee Creek Market. 

There has been a long wait for the confectionary’s opening since the announcement of the arrival of the franchise’s seventh location in Metter last October. 

Owners Greg and Tammie Strickland explain that the remodeling of the building that now houses Scoops was delayed by COVID-19. 

“We had trouble getting materials,” says Tammie. The work took place as Greg, owner of Strickland Electrical, could locate the needed building supplies. “Now, we are ready,” the local couple proclaims.

Scoops offers premium ice creams, spectacular mix-ins, various candies, delectable chocolate creations, novelty confections, and gourmet coffees. 

Also on the list of ‘must tries’ at Scoops are cookies, brownies and specialty caramel apples. Says Tammie, “Small batch ice cream is the specialty at Scoops.” 

In addition to scooped ice cream served in various types of cones, cups, and mixtures, there will be soft-serve pineapple and vanilla. Many Disney regulars compare the pineapple soft serve to the famous Dole Whip available at Walt Disney World properties. 

The pineapple and vanilla can be swirled for a special treat. For those counting calories, a low fat butter pecan ice cream is available.

Those who are unsure of which ice cream flavor will fill the bill can rest assured that Scoops provides small samples. 

“We have taster spoons that will give the opportunity to have a little taste of our various flavors before deciding on the one you want for a cone or cup,” she explains. 

Another perk at Scoops is that kids under age 3 who accompany family members will receive their first scoop free of charge.

Scoops is not just about ice cream. Drinks such as milkshakes and malts are made to order. The coffee drinks on the menu include coffee, cappuccino, lattes, and espresso. A different type of coffee drink that Scoops has available is Italian Coffee, a robust roasted coffee offering a thick-bodied, strong coffee flavor. 

“We hope that people in the nearby businesses will visit Scoops for their coffee break,” Tammie states.

As candy is a specialty at Scoops, many customers will be awestruck by the store’s candy wall, featuring candies that are too numerous to name. Nostalgic candies are also on sale making Scoops into a virtual candy heaven. 

For those planning for special events, Scoops has a birthday party room where celebrants can gather for special events. Additionally, gift baskets can be created and personalized for sweets lovers of all ages. Gift certificates are also on sale for those who want to “treat” someone special with a visit to Scoops. Scoops is also available to provide ice cream and confections for events on site.

To enjoy a favorite Scoops flavor at home, pints and quarts of ice cream are on sale.

The local business is being managed by Shelby Conn and Aaron LaPoint. Both have been working hard to get ready for opening day. 

Many local teens have been hired to insure service is both prompt and personalized. Even though Scoops is a business that is new to Metter, once inside, customers should feel right at home with the familiar faces that are there to serve.

An honored ‘first customer’

The location of Scoops served the Metter Community for many decades as Franklin Hardware Store. One of Scoops’ first customers was Mrs. Ann Sikes. 

“We wanted Miss Ann to be a part of our first day in business in the building because she worked at Franklin Hardware for many years until the business’s closing day,” explains Greg. 

The hardware store connection is strong with Scoops. The franchisee nearest to Metter is in Lyons, right down the street from Hardware Pizza. 

“We realize that many people from Metter have visited Scoops in Lyons, so they are familiar with our concept,” states Tammie.

The Stricklands want to make sure that everyone knows that the staff at Scoops has been trained extensively in how to keep all customers and coworkers safe during the COVID pandemic. 

“Any self-serve items will be served instead by Scoops employees,” explains Tammie. “All of our employees will be wearing gloves and masks and will be following all Health Department food safety policies.”

Scoops is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. On Friday and Saturdays, the hours of operation are 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. For a Sunday afternoon treat, visit Scoops on Sundays from 2 until 8 p.m.

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