After posting a profit two out of the first three months of 2020, the hospital was hit with a $355,000 loss for April. 

 CFO Will Bennett reported, “Overall, we had gross revenues of $4.3 million and we were at $6.5 in January, $5.9 in February and $5.3 in March. Good news is we have started to trend back up.”

 This was the first month of COVID-19, and the hospital saw significant decrease in volumes. Overall in-patient census stayed pretty level with an average daily census of 13.6 compared to 17-18. Surgery and radiology procedures were down and the Rural Health Clinic dropped off significantly.

 Bennett continued, “The last couple of weeks have started to trend back up, especially in the clinic. We hope we have bottomed out and are starting to see a rise up. We did record an operating loss of $355,000.”

 The hospital lost $355,277 in operations but recorded $277,406 from non-operations to make the net loss from April $76,907.

 In the CEO report, Micheal Purvis pointed out to the board that COVID-19 has not directly hurt the hospital’s bottom line but shutting down society did.

 He also referred to accounts receivable and how the business office has been challenged and has responded.

 Purvis commented,  “We’re (collecting) faster than we’ve ever done before. That should give the board a little confidence in what we have going on as far as AR and revenue cycle.”

 Director of Nursing Linda Coleman reported to the board that the process of remodeling patient rooms has been modified and the Swing Bed department will be upgraded and now offering food choices.

 “We’re going to make it a great experience for our patients,” she said. “We’re going to be what we used to be.”


 Marty Ray, the hospital’s director of public relations, told the board Candler County reports 13 cases of COVID-19 and three hospitalizations – but Candler County Hospital does not have any inpatient COVID patients. 

 “They’re hospitalized somewhere, but it’s not in Candler County,” said Ray. 

 Ray also informed the directors, “We are doing a few things with swing bed from a marketing perspective. One thing we’re going to do is t-shirts. We’ve done it in the past. Every patient will go home with a t-shirt and a certificate of completion for graduating from the hospital swing-bed program. 

 “A few weeks ago we celebrated Hospital Week, with the staff with a picnic. Every employee got a gift card to DR Grocery This created lot of positive vibes in the hallways 

 “The hospital now has a YouTube channel and is getting good participation.”

 He reminded the board that July 1 is open season for unlimited giving to Georgia Heart. Statewide the program is way down with only about $12,000,000 given so far out of $60 million.

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