Under the terms of her employment contract, former City Manager Mandi Cody will receive six months’ salary ($54,157) and accrued vacation pay of $9,838 from the City of Metter.

“The terms of her resignation were dictated by her employment contract,” explained Mayor Ed Boyd.

On July 8 City Council accepted Cody’s letter of resignation, dated July 3. Terms of the agreement were released to the newspaper on July 15.

Cody’s resignation came while Council is in the midst of ongoing budget talks as the city works through a proposed budget deficit of over $400,000 and considers fee increases and new fees in an effort to meet the budgeted shortfall. 

On Monday, Carter Crawford of HC Crawford  Consulting returned to the City of Metter to assist in the interim. On Tuesday evening, Council held a called meeting to enter a service agreement with Crawford, who previously served as interim city manager from November 2015-May of 2016, when Cody took the permanent city manager position.

According to Mayor Boyd, Crawford and Council’s first order of business will be to work on the budget.

In June, Council had approved a budget resolution to continue operating under the FY2019 budget through July.

During Tuesday’s called meeting, Council also considered a budget resolution to extend the FY2019 budget through August.

“We want to give Carter a few weeks to familiarize himself with the budget,” said Mayor Boyd. Boyd added that the budget will also have to be configured now to accommodate for Cody’s severance package.

According to Boyd, the search for a new city manager will not be Council’s top priority until a new budget is in place.

“I am looking forward,” Boyd said. “I think the process is just getting started. I anticipate our interim manager helping us with the budget process in the next couple of weeks and as soon as it is practical we will start the search for a new permanent manager.”

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