2020 Census ‘Make Candler Count’ Local census committee holds kick-off meeting

The Candler County Census Complete County Committee (CCC) held their kick-off meeting to discuss the 2020 Census.

Dr. Bubba Longgrear, 2020 Census CCC Chairman, called the meeting to order with a welcome and introductions. Bryan Aasheim, Census CCC Co-Chair, introduced the overall goals for the census, including core concepts and local brand. 

The next item on the agenda was headed by Allen Lanier, 2020 Census Technology Sub-Committee Chair. He discussed the Facebook group created for the census. 

Joe Carter, 2020 Census CCC Co-Chair and Public Safety Sub-Committee Chair, presented the next topic--the calendar for future priorities. 

The meeting then split into different breakout sessions for a 15-minute planning session and sub-committees were formalized.

After the breakout sessions were complete, the meeting came back together, and Kellie Lank, 2020 Census CCC Clerk, presented the video, “How Do I Take the 2020 Census?,” which showed three different ways to take the 2020 Census. 

The video (https://www.census.gov/library/video/2019/2020-census-psa-how-do-i-take-the-2020-census.html) explained that in March 2020, you will receive an invite to a simple questionnaire that you can complete online, by phone or by mail. If you don’t respond, a census taker will follow up and assist you. You can visit 2020Census.gov for more information. 

The final topic on the agenda was headed by Dr. Bubba Longgrear, Chairman, and Curtis Woody, U.S. Census Bureau Partnership Specialist. They discussed next steps and held a Q&A session before closing the meeting.

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