20 days, 51 citations ‘Things are wild out there’ on I-16

Light traffic on I-16 on Tuesday morning. Insets: CCSO radar captures a speeder going 97 mph on Monday, and a May 10 citation for going 138 in a 70.

Hey, drivers! Slow it down!

That’s the message Candler County Sheriff’s Office is trying to get out to the public in advance of this week’s Memorial Day weekend.

Throughout the month of May, deputies have recorded speeders posting speeds of 90 mph and on into the triple digits.

“Things are wild out there,” said Sheriff’s Captain Justin Wells of the traffic on the interstate. “Our guys have been out there for the past couple of weeks. They even got one at 138 (mph). They have been making cases left and right.”

Through Sunday, May 17, deputies have issued 51 citations for speeding on the interstate. Five of those citations were for 84 mph, 14 miles over the posted speed limit of 70. The remaining cases were in the 90 mph range and beyond, with 12 being over 100 mph. 

The average speed of these citations was 95.09615 mph.

The speeding cases have led to additional charges on the interstate of driving while license revoked/suspended; DUI and DUI, child endangerment; failure to maintain lane; drivers to use due care, radio/cell phone; and duty of driver meeting or overtaking school bus.

From May 7-17, eight arrests have been entered into Candler County Jail as a result of speeding on the interstate, two cases made by Georgia State Patrol and the rest by Candler County Sheriff’s deputies.

Additionally, 31 warnings have been issued on I-16 and 26 on other county/state roads.

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