The Southeast Health District announced on Monday that it is pausing the scheduling of COVID-19 vaccine appointments across the district.

“We are doing this to ensure adequate vaccine supply for the currently-scheduled appointments,” the announcement reads on the Health District’s Facebook page. “According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, vaccine supply is limited in the U.S. and the state of Georgia only receives what the federal government allocates.”

Anyone who has a scheduled appointment to receive their first or second dose through the health department will not be affected by this change unless contacted otherwise.

“When we begin scheduling new appointments, we will share this information on our social media pages and on our website,” the Health Department reports.

To locate additional COVID-19 vaccine providers, visit the Georgia Department of Public Health’s vaccine locator tool at

At IHS Pharmacy, Pharmacist Krista Stone encourages individuals who are 65 and older to call and be put on a vaccine list, even if vaccine supplies are presently limited.

“We have a lengthy list right now, but we plan to work through that list. Once more vaccine supplies are released, we plan to do mass clinics,” Stone said.

While IHS is awaiting new shipments of the vaccine, Stone said that those who have already had their first round of the shot are guaranteed to receive their second round. “We have allotted doses for the second round, so those individuals will need to show up for their follow-up vaccine,” she said.

For now, while supplies are limited, Stone said to call IHS, Candler County Hospital and any other facility that has the vaccine to get on their list, and to go with the first agency that is available.

However, she said, because the different agencies are working to reach as many people as possible, she asks that once you have received a vaccine from one agency, you call any other agency whose list you are on and advise them to remove you from the list.

“That way, we’re not having to make unnecessary phone calls,” she said.

Presently, the vaccine is available for individuals ages 65 and older, healthcare workers and some caregivers who care for those over age 65. These individuals should absolutely get on a list as soon as possible, Stone said, but others who do not meet this criteria can also call and be put on a list for when their demographic is eligible.

“If you want the vaccine, you will get the vaccine,” Stone said. “It just may not be in the time you want it.”

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