Former jailer to serve for sexual assault

Brandon Tyler Daniel

A former Candler County Jail employee was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday for sexual assault against a person in custody.

Brandon Tyler Daniel, 26, was arrested by the GBI on Feb. 27, 2018, for inappropriate contact between a staff member and an inmate. He was subsequently terminated by Sheriff John Miles; Daniel had worked with the sheriff’s office about one month prior to his termination.

Daniel pleaded guilty to the charge during last week’s session of Superior Court. He was sentenced by Judge Robert Reeves.

Following his release from prison, Daniel has been ordered to serve 17 years on probation and will be subject to Special Conditions of Probation as a sex offender.

Other cases brought before Judge Reeves last week include the following:

Phillip Anthony Gibson Jr., possession of cocaine with intent to distribute; identity fraud; possession of fraudulent ID. Pleaded guilty. Sentence: 13 years probation.

William McGee, burglary in the 1st degree. Pleaded guilty. Sentence: Four years confinement; 16 years probation; $1,499 restitution; $100 attorney’s fees; $205 related fines/fees.

Jason Paul       Raulerson, burglary in the 2nd degree; pleaded guilty. Sentence: Five years probation; $779.28 restitution; $205 related fines/fees; $100 attorney’s fees.

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