School to resume August. 3

 Despite the challenges, some traditions stay the same. Pictured are members of the Metter High Marching Tiger Pride taking part in band camp this week in preparation for the upcoming marching season.

Candler County Schools are planning to begin the school year on Aug. 3 as originally scheduled.

On Friday, Superintendent Bubba Longgrear announced on social media the school system’s plans for the 2020-2021 academic year.

“Our approach as a school system is to focus on cleanliness for our facility and also hygiene for individuals.  There will be an emphasis on continually sterilizing areas most affected by student activity,” he said in a statement to families. “Students and staff who are sick or running fever are mandated to stay home.”

According to Long-grear, school staff and nurses will make every effort to follow up on all students who are identified as being sick. Students who have fever will not be allowed to return to school until they go fever-free for 24 hours without using a fever reducing medication.

No announcements regarding health of fellow students

“Due to HIPAA regulations, the school system is not allowed to notify other parents or community members regarding other students’ health matters,” Longgrear said. “We will not be making public announcements when a child or teacher is feeling bad, running a fever or being tested for COVID-19. The local Health Department will be responsible for monitoring and reporting local health data.”

Online curriculum available

For some families, for various reasons, returning to in-class learning this fall is not an option. For these students, Longgrear said, an online curriculum will be available.

However, these families must meet with the school to access online options.

“If your child has health conditions that put them at greater health risk or if there is a family situation that heightens health risk by them attending school in person, there will be an online curriculum available to them,” Longgrear said. “Parents of such child will need to call the school before July 17 (Friday) to set up a meeting with the counselor/administrator to work through timelines, expectations and support plans to ensure we are maximizing the education of the child.”

Masks, gloves optional

Masks and gloves will be optional for students and staff, Longgrear said.

A community effort

To ensure safety of students and staff in school, Longgrear said, “Please join us in encouraging your child to practice social distancing when possible, washing hands frequently, eating healthy, hydrating, staying active and getting plenty of rest.”

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