The Guido Gardens Nights of Lights bring so much joy to this community. Thousands of visitors come out to stroll the gardens during the Christmas season. The excitement on the faces of the children is infectious as everyone comes for the single purpose of celebrating Christ’s birth and the joys of the holidays.

Well, not everyone! Apparently, right here in Metter, we have a few young people who do not understand nor care about what Christmas really means.

When the lights first came on, it appears that a teenage boy and girl were waiting -- not to celebrate the birth of Christ but to steal donations to the ministry that were left by a caring community. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day, they returned with two male friends whose sole purpose, it seems, was to distract the Gardens’ attendant while the first two once again attempted to steal from the donation box.

To make matters even worse, it seems that troublemakers have returned and knocked off lighted entrances and unplugged displays.

“Someone came and knocked over nearly 40 parking stands, leaving lights and posts all over the front entrance,” reported Larry Guido, president of Guido Ministries, “but we got them back up on Christmas day and all went well.

“We are so grateful for the support of Metter Police Department and Candler County Sheriff’s Office.”

“Larry Guido and the Guido Gardens are a great part of the Metter community,” said Police Chief Rob Shore. “The Metter Police Department is a strong supporter of the faith-based community and is following up on leads in these cases.”

There are no words for what has happened. Our beautiful Gardens have been a beacon of hope, peace and rest for untold thousands over the years. The Gardens are a source of pride for our community and are directly responsible for an entire world knowing that “Everything’s Better in Metter!” 

Sadly, not everything’s better in Metter ... thanks to a pathetic group of youngsters who find joy in tearing down instead of building up.

If you know who has been involved in this theft and vandalism, please do not hesitate to contact our Police Department, 685-5437, or our Sheriff’s Office, 685-2568. 

Maybe these young people who fail to enjoy the graciousness of our Gardens can get a new appreciation through the justice of our court system.

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