Tina Crooms

Tina Crooms

by Selby Cody-Voss

Candler County Communities in Schools is welcoming a new executive director, Tina Crooms. She will begin her new position on Sept. 1. 

“I feel very blessed and am thrilled to be leading such an incredible organization,” Crooms said. 

After working at Candler County Department of Family and Children Services for the past 16 years, Crooms said she was drawn to lead CIS by the people of the community. 

She said, “I love to help people. Working with this organization will give me the opportunity to continue to serve the public by ensuring the children of Candler County have what they need to succeed in school and life in general.” 

As the executive director of CIS, Crooms will be responsible for the overall management of the CIS budget, for building partnerships with area businesses and individuals to further the organization’s goals and for resource and board development. 

Jaime Riggs, chairman of the CIS Board of Directors, said, “We’re delighted to have been able to find and hire Tina Crooms not only because she’s local and she understands the model of what Communities in Schools is for Candler County but also you can see in her experience that she loves working with children, especially children that are at risk and doing everything that she can do to make sure they succeed in school and in life.”

Her hopes as the director are to strengthen the relationship between the community and the school system. 

“My hopes are to develop a cohesive relationship with the schools, students, community partners and individuals in order to broaden resources available to help the children of Candler County be successful in life,” she said. 

“When it comes to ensuring children get exactly what they need to succeed in school and life in general, it is our job as a community to pull together and make it happen. I will continue to seek additional funding on an ongoing basis with the hope of maintaining and expanding our current program services and activities,” said Crooms. 

Crooms was born and raised in Candler County. She graduated from Metter High School in 1993, and received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia Southern University in 1997.

She is married to Bobby Crooms, and they have two children, Danton, a junior at MHS, and Kristen, a freshman at MHS. 

CIS continues to accept donations

Donors contributing to CIS to date include Metter United Methodist Church Men; Trapnell-Tomlinson Ace Hardware; 

Paul MacGregor; Metter Ford; Jean Melton-Furr; Olliff & Fordham, CPA; Terry Donaldson; JoMax; Snell Publications; Tom’s Pawn City; Metter Bank; Sea Island Bank; Cheryl Olliff; Donna Parker; Tony Lescak; Evelyn Warren; Gail Curl; Marshal Mize; Nancy Norton; Mr. and Mrs. James Jones. 

Donations can be mailed to Candler County Communities in Schools, 210 S. College St., Metter GA 30439, or dropped off to CIS Board Chair Jaime Riggs at Metter Welcome Center.

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