An open letter from Dr. Longgrear to parents, students, community

Dr. Bubba Longgrear

Dear Parents, Students, and Community 


What unprecedented times we are currently navigating through! Obviously, Governor Brian Kemp has closed all schools in Georgia through at least March 31st, and from the looks of the current situation I feel sure that the date will be extended further out-- no details as of yet.

I want to commend each of you for partnering with teachers as we continue to provide digital instruction in varying capacities. Our goal is to keep students engaged in the curriculum, allowing them to continue to grow but also not overwhelming the whole household with the demands for assistance. 

Our teachers have been diligently following the lead of their Principal trying to meet the aforementioned goals. We have admittedly missed the mark some on volume of expectation, but overall we are extremely proud of the work of our staff in rolling out this initiative in such short order. 

I also assure you that we are learning and adjusting as we progress through these trying times in order to make the best of a challenging situation.

Kudos to so many for their valiant effort to continue to serve students -- our technology team with device distribution, school food employees for preparing over 1000 meals daily, bus driver teams for delivering meals and packets to students, teachers for designing engaging work and providing real time assistance to students, and many others who are focused on the task at hand.

There are a lot of questions that are currently unanswered such as a return date to school, spring sports schedule, prom, graduation and so many other events that are a vital part of the school experience. We will continue to press toward making the best of the things that we can control and trust that God will provide in the other areas.

We are all unsure of the details moving forward but we can assure each of you that we continue to work to provide the best for our students, families and community. Thank you and God Bless! Everything Is Better In Metter!


Bubba Longgrear

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