Daughtry to retire from 4-H, Extension

Angie Daughtry (c) with daughters Jessie and Ansley in a photo taken by one of Daughtry’s former 4-H students, Harley Spears.

After 13 years as the 4-H Agent for the Candler County UGA Extension, Angie Daughtry has decided to retire.

Coming to Candler County in 1993, Angie began working for the Department of Family and Children Services. Later, she moved into the Family Connection position. 

During that time, Angie volunteered for the 4-H program alongside Mary White. In 2007, she applied and became the 4-H Agent for Candler County. By 2014, Angie was promoted and served as both the 4-H Agent and County Coordinator. 

While working as 4-H Agent and County Coordinator, Angie was responsible for coordinating, developing, implementing and evaluating the 4-H program for youth in 4th-12th grades in Candler County. 

She led and worked directly with youth on project work, leadership and citizenship activities, camps, conferences and public relations activities, and she also worked with donors and volunteers to implement many of the programs offered here. 

Angie said her favorite part of her job was “hands down -- working with the kids! It is the absolute best. I have many former 4-H’ers as friends on Facebook. 

“I love watching them grow into these successful young people – graduating from high school, going to college, starting careers and families and knowing that maybe just maybe I have had a small positive impact on their lives is very rewarding.”

For 30 years, Angie has worked in some type of social services field, and she said she is excited to continue exploring the different possibilities life has to offer following retirement. 

It will be a bittersweet departure, Angie said, because she will miss her staff and her UGA Extension friends.

Angie was born and raised in Bulloch County. Her parents are Harry and Bettye Tankersley from Brooklet, GA. 

She is the mother of Ansley, 22, and Jessie, 18. 

With Ansley graduating from Georgia Southern soon, and Jessie just starting the University of Georgia, Angie said she is looking for something to keep her busy since her nest is now empty. 

Her retirement will be effective Sept. 30.

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