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From time to time, Metter Advertiser receives messages from the community with questions. We attempt to answer those questions as quickly as possible. However, we have come to realize that questions one person may have are often questions that others have, so we now introduce a new feature in our paper: You ask ... we find the answer!

If you have a question you want answered, please email, call us at 912-685-6566 or message us on Facebook at Metter Advertiser. We will answer questions in the order they are received.

 This week, a reader, BM, reached out to us with the following question:


Q. Can someone please explain why the City of Metter thinks we need sidewalks where not a lot of people walk but we don’t need a turning signal and lane on Hwy. 46 at red lights? Metter is the only town that doesn’t have it; Reidsville, Claxton and Glennville all have it, even Twin City! Makes no sense! Especially when Metter has the highest taxes around! 


We reached out to Public Works Director Cliff Hendrix who had this response:

A. I will offer some explanation. The sidewalk project was planned as part of the TIA Projects over ten years ago. The money to pay for this work is coming from fuel tax as part of the Transportation Investment Act and not from revenue generated from property taxes. There is more foot traffic than you would think with people walking to work at some of the businesses by the Interstate.

As you know, in Metter the red lights are owned and maintained by the Georgia Department of Transportation. They are all on State routes, of which the city has no control. There is a State Route that goes through or intersects with each red light. 

I do understand their frustration! Many years ago, the city did request the intersection of Hwy. 46 and 121 to be studied about a turn lane. Can’t remember the results, but I might follow up again on that request.

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