Candler County Hospital Authority has approved a plan to bring state-of-the-art radiology services to the hospital.

During their regular July meeting, the Authority approved the purchase of a portable radiology machine for $160,000 through a lease arrangement. Payments will be $3,431 per month for five years. 

The Authority then plans to upgrade a new radiology room in the hospital’s “bricks and mortar” facility, moving it from the portable building. 

After discussing problems with current equipment, Hospital CEO Karen O’Neal said, “To keep doctors doing procedures at this hospital, we have got to provide them with better equipment. We have got to act to do something.”

Authority members were told that in about four months, the hospital will be finished with monthly Medicare Reimbursement payments of about $14,000 from the 2013 extended payment plan. Those funds can be used to offset the monthly expense for the new equipment and room renovations. Additionally, with the upgraded equipment, Medicare reimbursements are expected to increase, which will also offset the cost.

Will Bennett, CFO, also notified the Authority that the prior two months have been strong months from a revenue standpoint.

“We are right at the $5 million mark for revenues for the month and were a little over $5 million the last month,” he reported. The prior month, he said, had the highest admissions reported for the year and the highest percentage of admissions from ER visits.

“Year to date, we’re still behind about a half million,” he said, “but we’ve made up some good ground the last two months.”

As of June 30, the hospital posted a $57,880 loss for the month, but is posting a $327,922 profit for the year to date. Some of that profit is attributed to increased revenues and some to the continued support through the HEART Tax Credit.

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