70+ years on the road

Abel Shinhoster (l) and Lawrence Hobbs

On Friday, August 14, the Candler County School System’s Transportation Department celebrated two gentlemen for their outstanding years of service.

These two veteran bus drivers have a combined total of 74 years of transporting Candler County students to and from school. Abel Shinhoster has driven for 43 years and Lawrence Hobbs has driven for 31 years, for a shared total of 74 years of experience! 

Transportation Director Travis Lanier said, “Bus drivers are the first face that several of our students see each morning. We continue to be grateful for their hard work and the way they transport our students safely every day. I appreciate them and what they are doing to support each other during this time.

“It’s very rare to find bus drivers that have remained on the same job for that many years. These two men are always on the job, even during a pandemic. You can often find them talking about the ‘good old days.’ I have worked with them for the past 16 years, and I can say that they truly love what they do, true servants!”

Both gentlemen have seen at least three generations of students and several superintendents over the years. From students to parents, they’ve watched children grow up and start families and then seen their children grow up. 

Abel Shinhoster said, “It makes me feel real good to be recognized for all the years hauling children for the school.” 

Of this recognition they received, Lawrence Hobbs said, “It made me feel good because I’ve never had anything like that before.”

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