One week into the Candler County Education Foundation’s annual Fund Drive Class Challenge, the Class of 1966 has taken a slight lead with $1,840, followed closely by the Class of 2000 with $1,620. The Class of 1999 is a contender as well with $1,000 raised so far. Other classes represented include 1968 at $600; 1965 at $525; 1962 at $500; 1964, 1975, 1981, 1987, 1963 and 2003. 

The faculty and staff of the Candler County School System have also helped to kick-start this year’s $40,000 goal by donating more than $12,000. The faculty/staff donations, along with all donations received to date put this year’s drive at close to their halfway point, with $19,023 collected.

This year’s drive is dedicated to the memory of Carvy Snell, a founding member of the Education Foundation and an alumnus of the Class of 1968.

How funds are used

Funds are used to provide access to critical technology for uninterrupted learning, strengthen academic programs and support innovative teachers and learning experiences.

“Thanks to your support, our schools now have personal technology devices for every single student,” Lanier said. “These laptops, Chrome books, and tablets ensure uninterrupted learning. Our teachers have maximum flexibility for classroom instruction. And for those students learning from home this fall, they have access to online learning.” 

How to give

Donations can be made at one of six sponsorship levels: Hall of Fame Partner, $1000 or more; Foundation Partner, $500-$999; Superintendent Roll, $250-$499; Principal Roll, $100 to $249; Honor Roll, $50 to $99; and Merit List, under $49. Donations can be designated to a graduating class of MHS or made with no designation. Contributions can also be made in memory or in honor of someone. 

Credit card donations can be made via PayPal at, or contributions can be mailed to The Foundation for Public School Education in Candler County, PO Box 21, Metter GA 30439.

Donors to date

Candler County School personnel who have donated to date include the following:

Hall of Fame Partner: Trapnell Tomlinson Ace Hardware; Allen Lanier; Bubba Longgrear; Excelsior EMC.

Foundation Partner: Kay Hendricks Meeks in Memory of Grant P. Hendricks; Jim Trapnell; William Thigpen; Toney Golden; Eddy & Debbie Jones; Dr. Nancy Norton in Honor of Charlotte Coursey; Dr. Tom Bigwood in Memory of Carvy Snell; Snell Publications/Metter Advertiser  & Metter Graphics; Davis Heating & Air.

 Superintendent Roll: John Jordan; Riley Kingery; Terry Hoyt; Jincy & Dale Fordham; Clean by Lucy, Mattie Collins; Jan C. Trapnell; Daniels-Bishop Chevrolet.

Principal Roll: Frank Stilp; Julie Trapnell Hall in Memory of Harold & Vela Trapnell; Susan Snell; Caroline Lee; Katherine Phillips; Cadeisha Cooper; Kerri Dennis; Melinda Franklin; Roberta  Graham; Autumn Chicola; Lisa Deloach; Rosa Deloach; Kim Grantham; Miranda Rigdon; Monicca Bohannon; Jill Carter; Clare Hooks; Suzanne Hunt; Zachary Rackett; Miranda Thigpen; Charles Van Deursen; Robbie Dollar; Shayla Donaldson; Erin Golden; Tom Golden; Doug James; Sandy Johnson; Lisa Longgrear; Marsha Pate; Ellis Strobridge; Tamara Walden; Kristen Champion; Karen Chassereau; Rosanne Ferrell; Felicia Forbes; Randall Walker; Cheryl Hendricks in Memory of Grant Hendricks; Candler County Retired Educators; Carol & Butch Smith; Eddie & Ann Shaw; Mr. & Mrs. William George; Felix & Judy Johnston.

Honor Roll: Billy & Yvonne Trapnell in Memory of Carvy Snell; Shirley Lott; Aundrea Akins; Debra Dekle; Denise Strickland; Trevor Bryant; Taylor Dollar; Terrence Green; Sarah Hickman; Octavia Houston; Bailey Jeffers; Taylor Kyle; Jordan Lowery; John Mark Sweat; Lafonda Taylor-Hackett; Vicki Bowen; Jenny Brantley; Kim Brown; Adina Cliett; Cheryl  Cobb; Jim Espinoza; Kendra Howard; Michaela Iwinski; Jennifer Lewis; Casey Moore; Heather Parrish; Beth Phillips; Alyx Powell; Eric Verbel; Melody Young; Stephanie Costley; Heidi O’Connor; Amy Holland; Pamela Smith; Julie Ray; Nannie B. Harrison; Bill Dekle.

Merit List: Polly Porter; MHS Class of ‘66 Benevolence in Memory of May Jones Hooks; Penny Buxton; April Clifton; Natiuer Deck; Michelle Holloway; Tracy Holloway; Tiffany Kreiser; Cherie Lewis; Rosa Morales; Janice Smith; Michelle Wagner; Holly Beasley; Deborah Daughtry; Tammy Durden; Jessie Givens; Jane’t Lloyd; Carol Mainer; Jessica McGowan; Chayton Todd; Alyssa Akins; Shannon Anderson; Christie Berry; Angela Bird; Tonya Bird; Jennifer Collins; Melissa Crooms; Nacole Davis; Marcy Deloach; Joy Dorsey; Alicia Douglas; Christy Driggers; Megan Eason; Robin Goodman; Connie Hackle; Connie Harden; Pam Heath; Brittany Hendrix; Pam Holloway; Julie Johnson; Tara Lee; Ashlee Lott; Laura Lott; Brenna McDaniel; Glenise Mikell; Melissa Porter; Sydney Rowe; Rachel Smith; Sherry Tyler; Jill Vining; Rebecca Waters; Monica West; Anna Williams; Tonja Williams; Sandy Wilson; Kim Woods; Robin Wright; Hannah Youngblood; Vic Fordham; Mitch Nobles; Scott Waters; Ray Woodcock; Cheryl Williams.

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