Metter City Council has approved the low bid from Georgia Hydrant Services Inc. for $199,070 for a hydrant repair project.

This will include the replacement of 16 of the City’s 288 hydrants.  “Some of the hydrants were put in as far back as the 1940s, some in the 1970s,” City Public Works Director Cliff Hendrix reported to Council. 

An inventory of the hydrants indicated that in addition to these needing replacement, an additional 70 or so needed repair. The majority of that work was done in-house, Hendrix explained. The remainder of the work is work “we cannot do ourselves,” he added. Some of the cost involved in the project, he said, is for cutting into curbing and asphalt and then replacing it.

“We are due for an ISO evaluation in about 12 months,” said City Manager Mandi Cody. “This is part of our evaluation criteria. This is a planned SPLOST expenditure in this Fiscal year’s capital improvements.”

Surplus equipment

Council also voted during the March 5 meeting to declare as surplus a Chevrolet pickup and a GMC dump truck. According to Hendrix, the transmission does not work in the pickup truck and the dump truck was bought used about 17 years ago. 

Both vehicles will be advertised in Metter Advertiser and on the website.

Boom truck

Council also approved a bid of $146,954 from Roberts Trucking for a 2020 International with a Pac-Mac loader body. While this was not the lowest nor the highest bid received, this was the bid that met all the city’s specifications, Hendrix said.

The truck will be used to increase efficiency, particularly in handling yard waste, Hendrix explained.

“Right now, with our dump truck, we can only get 2-3 tons on it. That’s not a lot and then we are making a lot of trips back and forth to the landfill.

“This loader has a 24-yard bed on it, which will allow us to make less trips. We can run a whole route in a day, on most days, with only one trip to the landfill.” Hendrix said this will also free up the backhoe to use in other projects and reduce the risk of physical injury to employees in this department.

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