Penny Morgan

Penny Morgan proudly displays her apron pins and bracelets.

Everybody in town knows Penny from the Waffle House—she’s hard-working, dedicated, and proud of her job. And she has reached quite a milestone! 

Celebrating 26 years working at Waffle House, Penny Morgan has been an employee from the start—from the day Waffle House in Metter opened. 

“Penny is a very fun-loving person … She has been a wonderful associate to work with,” said the manager of Waffle House. 

In honor of her hard work and dedication, Waffle House recently gave Penny several congratulatory items, including a jacket, a special silver tray, and a new pin for her work apron. Penny’s new pin, complete with four little diamonds, commemorates the work she’s put in through the years, and it is now one of many pins she keeps on her apron. 

Seeing each pin as a precious gift and memento, Penny takes good care of each of them. Every time she washes her uniform, she takes each pin off, and when it’s clean, she puts each pin back where it was. Any time you see Penny in uniform, you will see her complete with all of her pins in place. 

And there’s nothing Penny likes more than going to work. Rain or shine, Penny goes to work every Monday and Tuesday, working hard to do her part. “I just like to work and help out,” said Penny. 

She also said that when she isn’t working, she looks forward to when Monday and Tuesday roll around again when she can go back in. Her favorite part of her job is washing dishes and seeing customers. 

One unique quality of Penny’s is her unconditional love for Michael Jackson. He’s her absolute idol, and everybody knows it! She’s even called “Penny Jackson” by some of her close family friends. 

Falling in love with him in middle school, Penny said what she loves about him is “Everything!” From his music to his dance skills, she admires it all. 

Keeping her strong love for Michael Jackson in mind, those who know her know she will not let them ever speak badly of him—and that goes for work as well. Her brother, Sonny Morgan, said that when people are hired at Waffle House, they have to promise not to speak badly of Michael Jackson because Penny simply won’t allow it!

And to the people at Waffle House, Sonny, said, “We are so appreciative for how good they’ve been to her the whole time she’s been there. We are so appreciative and so pleased with what the Waffle House family has done for the Morgan family.”

Penny is the daughter of Sonny and Pup Morgan of Metter and the sister of Sonny Morgan of Metter and Phyllis Anderson of Reidsville. 

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