Much needed paving now underway

Pavers work on South Kennedy Street.

Road crews have begun paving on the TIA (Transportation Investment Act) Projects on S. Kennedy, Burton Avenue and S. Williams, along with curb and gutter work on Green Street. 

Both the 2018 and 2019 TIA Projects are scheduled to be completed by June 29, according to Public Works Director Cliff Hendrix.

The 2018 project included installation of new water lines on Burton Avenue, as well as replacing old galvanized lines before the road was resurfaced.

On South Williams Street, sewer line improvements were completed before resurfacing.

Over three years ago, Hendrix said, South Kennedy Street underwent sewer line improvements. “Now, we are improving the water lines,” Hendrix said. “We are replacing old galvanized pipes with new polytubing and then resurfacing from Broad St. to Hiawatha.

The project is coming in at almost $550,000, with over $270,000 coming from TIA and TIA Discretionary funds. More than $115,000 will come from SPLOST funds, leaving the balance, an estimated $150,000 to be paid from the city’s water and sewer enterprise funds.

The second project, which is the 2019 TIA project, involves South Rountree, Green, Boston, Ellis, Huiett, Smith and Mincey streets.

Work on South Rountree includes water line improvements and resurfacing, while drainage, curb and gutter improvements and resurfacing are planned for Green Street. 

All other roads in this project will have drainage improvements and resurfacing.

Total project cost is an estimated $740,000. The majority of the money ($480,000) will come from TIA and TIA Discretionary funds. $160,000 will come from SPLOST funds and the remainder, $116,000 will be funded through the city’s enterprise funds.

Once these projects are completed, Hendrix said the city will be about a third of the way through with replacing 1940s-era and 1960s-era galvanized lines. This will help eliminate some of the brown water issues, he said.

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