Early Voting Ends Friday; Election Day Tuesday

The polls will be open at the Jack Strickland Building from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day, Nov. 3.

Campaigning prohibited

Voters are reminded that campaign activities are prohibited within 150 feet of the polling location at the Jack Strickland Community Center building at 621 W. Pine St.  

This includes hats, buttons, masks, t-shirts or other campaign paraphernalia bearing the name or slogan of a candidate on this year’s ballot. 

“We’ve had to remind a couple of voters to leave those items in their cars or turn them inside out,” said Thompson. 

“Overall, the lines have moved swiftly and most voters have not experienced much of a wait. We did have a couple of times when our printers went down or our check-in software wouldn’t work for a few minutes, but for the most part we have been fairly efficient in our line flow times,” said Thompson. 

“Our poll workers are doing their usual great job. We also wipe down surfaces with disinfectant throughout the day.   Masks, hand sanitizer and gloves are also available if voters don’t have their own. 

“Hopefully voters will feel that we are providing as safe an environment as possible. Also, if voters wish to drop off their ballots inside the polling location, they can do so during voting hours. 

“If they call 685-6687 we can send a poll worker out to their vehicle to accept their absentee ballot. 

“Absentees can also be dropped off inside the Commissioners’ Office on 1075 E. Hiawatha Street,” added Thompson. 

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