Facebook was ignited on Sunday by allegations  questioning the ethical behavior of Candler County Coroner Allen Tyler.

The post, which has been shared over 25 times, alleges Tyler has abused his position as an elected official.

Tyler, who also served as an EMT-1 with Candler County EMS, resigned from that position Oct. 14. 

Stating that he had been employed with EMS since Dec. 22, 2008, Tyler wrote in his letter of resignation, “It is with great sadness that I’m writing this letter and hope that one day I get to serve the people of my county again. My goal as an EMT was to protect and serve the people of Candler County.” 

The Facebook posts accuse Tyler of improper behavior toward vulnerable women while executing his official duties and have drawn additional “me too” comments from others. However, no official charges have been made against Tyler in this regard.

County Attorney Kendall Gross commented on Tuesday that Candler County Commissioners have no oversight regarding the coroner’s office, other than budgetary oversight.

As an elected official, Gross said, Tyler’s “oversight is the job of the voter.”

Metter Advertiser attempted to reach Tyler for comment on Monday. As of press time, he has not responded. 

Tyler was first elected to office in November 2016.

Editor’s note: Metter Advertiser does not usually cover Facebook news. However, this was reported because of the nature of the allegations against an elected public official.

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