Pineland fiber optics featured in GA Trend

Pineland Telephone was featured in a Georgia Trend article, “Transforming Digital Dirt Roads” in the business magazine’s January 2020 edition.

The article, by Mary Ann DeMuth, focuses on rural broadband access in the state and efforts to expand and enhance rural broadband service. 

Pineland was recognized for its fiber swap which began in 2007 when Pineland began installing fiber optic cable to deliver broadband service. About 10 years into the project, Pineland’s network covered 1200 square miles, delivering high-speed internet in and around Metter, Twin City, Adrian and Stillmore, the article explains.

Georgia Transmission Corp., owned by state EMCs, arranged to use Pineland’s fiber to help complete its own statewide fiber network, which increases electric power reliability. In return, the article explains, Pineland used a portion of GTC’s network to expand broadband service outside its original footprint to Louisville, Wrens and Sandersville. 

Fiber optic was also delivered to Swainsboro and Claxton, Pineland General Manager Dustin Durden told GA Trend.  A partnership with Altamaha EMC in Lyons helped Pineland expand to also serve Lyons and Vidalia. 

Durden also reported on Pineland’s Wi-Fi in the Park initiative which serves hundreds of people each day who come to the park for a connection point.

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