During the December meeting of the Candler County Board of Education, Superintendent Dr. Bubba Longgrear recognized the hard work of the faculty and staff of the Candler County School System.

“I think the most commonly used term today is ‘unprecedented times,’ and school systems are no exception to that. There have been some challenges, but our staff has stepped up, whether it’s virtual or traditional learning, and they’ve gone above and beyond. Our principals and leaders are grateful to them for that, and we’re reaching the time for a much-needed break,” said Dr. Longgrear.

The board also discussed changes to the upcoming meeting dates and times for 2021. 

In April of 2021, the meeting will occur on April 22 instead of the 3rd Thursday of the month due to the original meeting time coinciding with Spring Break.

Another change to the upcoming meeting schedule is that in June, the meeting will occur on June 24 instead of the 3rd Thursday of the month due to conflict with a convention.

For both of these changes, the board workshop for those months will also change. They will be held two days prior to the rescheduled meeting times.

In other news…

• The following certified personnel was considered for employment for FY 2021: Bennett King, MMS teacher.

• The following classified personnel was considered for employment: Ashley Lake, MES paraprofessional.

• The following personnel resignations/terminations/retirements was accepted: Jamiee Stuart, MMS teacher.

• The General Fund and School Nutrition Program Financial Reports were both approved. 

• Board minutes for the November meeting and workshop were approved.

• The board approved publishing a public notice about a school bus for sale.

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