Mayor Ed Boyd and City Councilwoman Rashida Taylor have qualified for re-election to their respective offices on Metter City Council. Taylor serves as the District 2, Seat 4 council member.

Also up for election is District 1, Seat 2, which is presently occupied by Councilman Paul MacGregor. MacGregor announced on Wednesday of last week that he would not be seeking re-election,

Qualifying continues through 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 20, for all three positions. The qualifying fee is $207 for mayor and $90 for city council positions. All terms are for four years.

Who can qualify in what district?

The City of Metter is divided into two districts of representation. 

South Lewis St./Hwy. 121/Hwy. 23 serves as the primary divider line for the districts from the southernmost tip of the city all the way to East Willow Lake Drive. The dividing line continues on East Willow Lake Drive and then onto Dogwood Drive out to the city limits. The area north and west of E. Willow Lake Dr. and Dogwood Dr. are also part of District 1, which is the westernmost district.

The more populous District 1 has three seats, currently represented by James McKie, Seat 1; Paul MacGregor, Seat 2 and Brandon Sikes, Seat 3.

District 2 has two seats that are presently occupied by Rashida Taylor, Seat 4 and Chryileen Kilcrease, Seat 5.

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