During their April meeting, Metter City Council reviewed a proposal that would allow for the sale of alcohol during special events. If approved, the ordinance would also eliminate distance requirements for restaurants in certain areas.

The ordinance, which will be voted on in May, would remove all distance restrictions for restaurants that sell alcohol for on-premise consumption if they are located in certain business-oriented zones.

In the past, proximity to schools and churches was factored when approving licensing for restaurants’ alcohol sales.

A second component of the ordinance allows for the issuance of licenses for special events.

These licenses will be issued only for the specified time and location stated on the application.

While the ordinance draft calls for security to be present for these special events, City Manager Mandi Cody said, “We don’t have to require security in the ordinance. The applicants have to meet with the staff ahead of (the event). If there is an event before us that looks like it needs security or could benefit from having police officers present, we could place that as a condition for the particular permit we have before us.”

As council reviewed the proposed ordinance, Mayor Billy Trapnell said, “When we look at this, we want to make sure we’re not curing one ill and creating another. We need to look at all of the potential benefits and negatives.”

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