Man arrested after attempting to set car, self on fire

Nathan Carter

A Metter man was arrested last week after a domestic dispute ended with him dousing himself with gasoline and threatening to light himself on fire.

According to Metter Police reports, Sgt. Kris Storey and Investigator McKinley Lewis were dispatched to a possible domestic dispute at 385 E. Lillian St. in the early hours of May 13. 

“Upon arrival, officers quickly learned that Nathan Carter had doused gasoline on an ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and attempted to set the vehicle on fire,” reported Chief Rob Shore in a press release. 

A search of the area by responding officers resulted in officers locating Carter a short distance from the residence.

Upon contacting Carter, officers quickly determined that Carter had covered himself with gasoline. As officers spoke with the suspect, he indicated that he was going to light himself on fire, and officers saw Carter holding a lighter in his hand.

“As Carter tried to strike the lighter, officers were able to physically restrain him,” Shore said.

During the arrest and transport, Carter, 46, was physically combative, Shore added. He was transported to the local jail where he was charged with criminal attempt to commit arson and obstruction of law enforcement officer (misd.). 

Neither Carter nor law enforcement officers were injured during the apprehension.

“Sgt. Storey and Inv. Lewis’ quick reactions led to the protection of property and prevented Carter from harming himself or others. Both of the officers should be commended for their handling of this case.”

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