With information changing almost by the hour, Candler County EMA is actively standing by ready to take action if it becomes necessary.

On Tuesday, Deputy EMA Director Justin Wells said, “We’ve been meeting with our healthcare partners and county officials regularly. We had a conference call on Monday with the Governor and State Emergency Management officials. 

“Information is changing very rapidly, so we are having to adapt for those changes, and information can change even before this week’s paper is printed. 

“We are posting the most current information to social media. Any emergency information, we will provide via Code Red and Social Media.”

Citizens are encouraged to visit the Candler County Sheriff’s website and sign up for Code Red alerts or “like” the sheriff’s facebook page for updates.

“Our local healthcare professionals and first responders are doing an outstanding job preparing as they are having to adapt to this rapidly changing information,” Wells said. “I’d like to thank the community. Everyone seems to be heeding the warnings and guidance from the CDC voluntarily. 

“We are also monitoring across the state, and

through our various technologies, we are seeing what’s happening in other counties. We are in contact with other county EMAs to gage what they are doing as well. The community is really doing their part so far that I see. 

“Life’s changing and we’re all struggling with it. This ‘plan’ is being written as we deal with this issue because it is changing so rapidly and different information comes in each time a new bulletin comes out.

“We’re working very well with our healthcare partners. This is a crisis we have never dealt with in the past.”

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