Tiger football awards

MHS football award recipients include (seated, l-r) Taj Hobbs, Brayden Burke, Walker Dollar, Antwan Coney, CJ Donaldson, Aaron Collins and Kaliq Collins. Standing, l-r: Ahmod  Collins, Nick Waters (team manager), Hudson Poole, Cameron Robinson, Gary Cheley, TJ Davis, Cole McCranie, Austin Carlyle, Elijah Oglesby, Delijah Dekle, Reco Coney, Brooks Longgrear and Jarred Jordan.

As he recognized the 2019 Region 2AA Champion Tiger football team during their awards banquet on Sunday, Head Tiger Rodney Garvin thanked the school system and the community for their support throughout the season.

“First, I would like to thank school Superintendent Bubba Longgrear and the Board (of Education) members for the support and vision they have for athletics at Metter High School,” Garvin began. 

“Also, I want to thank our teachers who help us get behind our players.”

“It’s unbelievable, this offering and outpouring of support,” he said. “There’s nothing like the journey (we took) to get to where we got.” However, he cautioned, “The success of 2019 does not guarantee the success of 2020. It all starts again.”

But this is an exciting time, the coach added, saying, “I love the grind. I love the process of working from where we are to where we want to get, so let’s keep pushing. Let’s keep going.”

Garvin also reminded his team, “This is our last time together as a group, and it is going to change after tonight.”

To the graduating seniors, he said, “Keep rolling. Do your thing and do it well.”

To all the team, Garvin advised, “You don’t outsmart folks; you outwork them. That’s how we got where we are and that is how you are going to get anywhere in life. If you want it, you’ve got to work for it. 

“If you want to start, you’ve got to work for it. I don’t give awards; you earn those. I don’t give playing time; you earn playing time. If you want it, you’ve got to earn it.

“The world is mean. The world is tough. So keep these things important in your life: Your relationship with Jesus Christ first. Your relationship with your family second. Keep your relationship with others strong. Be a communicator. Let people know if you love them. Take care of each other.”

While offering words of wisdom to his team, Garvin also clarified the purpose of the banquet, saying, “It’s about the kids. It’s always been about the kids,” as he prepared to present awards.

Receiving special recognition were the following:

Iron Tiger (Weight Room Award): RJ Coney and Brooks Longgrear, 9th grade; Christian Martinez, 10th grade; Taj Hobbs, 11th grade; Elijah Oglesby, 12th grade.

Tiger Pride vs. ECI: Antwan Coney, offense; CJ Donaldson, defense.

Team Spirit Award: Walker Dollar.

Manager of the Year Award: Nick Waters.

Most Improved: Austin Carlyle, defense; Cole McCranie, offense.

Coaches’ Award: Kaliq Collins and Brayden Burke, defense; Aaron Collins and Hudson Poole, offense.

Most Valuable: Jarred Jordan, offensive line; Cameron Robinson, offensive wide receiver; Taj Hobbs, offensive back; TJ Davis, defensive lineman; Elijah Dekle, linebacker; Danny Cheley, defensive back.

Team Captains: TJ Davis, Ahmod Collins, Walker Dollar and Jarred Jordan.

Coca-Cola MVP: Ahmod Collins.

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