Local entrepreneur purchases flower shop

Emily Huff

A little over a week ago, Emily Huff and her mother, Cindy Huff, walked into The Flower Basket in Metter to purchase a peace lily for a friend who had experienced the loss of a loved one. 

Today, Emily owns the flower shop that has been a fixture on North West Broad Street in Metter for over 35 years.

Emily’s aunt, Johnnie Lou Flynt, works in the flower shop. Emily commented to her aunt on that visit, “What a dream job to work in a place with flowers!” Johnnie Lou told her niece that the shop’s owner, Dot Cowart, had the business up for sale.

Even though Emily was already the owner of a design business, she got excited about the possibility of purchasing the shop. Less than a week later, the entrepreneur is now owner and operator of The Flower Basket.

Emily says that the flower business is not new to her because she and her cousins grew up helping out in the business that Frances Flynt, Johnnie Lou’s sister and also Emily’s aunt, owned on the other end of North Broad Street for many years. 

Additionally, Emily is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied design, color theory, texture and other elements of art.

Now, admits Emily, she is learning as much as possible about the business of flowers. “Dot, the original owner, has been amazing,” she states. “I am learning so much from her and I am learning more about flowers every day.”

The transition of ownership of the local floral shop has been very smooth. The name will remain the same and the location will not change; however, there are modifications happening inside the shop. Emily and her staff have been busy re-arranging, redecorating and preparing for the addition of new items.

“I am adding a garden line to The Flower Basket that will include houseplants,” she states. Another new item is macramé plant hangers that are handmade locally and are eco-friendly. That is important to the new shop owner. Her first business, Emily Huff Designs, features accessories created from recycled fabrics and materials.

Along with the flower and gardening items that Emily has for sale at The Flower Basket, she will sell her line of face masks that she developed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The shop also has a large collection of Yankee Candle merchandise.

As a new business owner, she is putting her time management skills to work as well. Emily Huff Designs is housed in Emily’s new home in Pooler, an hour’s drive from her new acquisition. 

In addition to the garden line and the Emily Huff Designs items, Emily is adding back to The Flower Basket some services that Cowart had provided for many years but had done away with. 

“We will be available for Christmas and wedding decorating,” she says. 

Emily and her staff will be scheduling appointments to decorate homes and businesses for the holiday season. She says they will design trees, do mantles, decorate porches and windows, or do whatever Christmas preparations the client desires. 

This is a “chore” that Emily looks forward to reviving.

Another exciting re-addition is wedding décor and flowers. 

“I have all of the beautiful candelabra and other wedding accessories that have been packed up for years. I look forward to incorporating these traditional pieces into new designs,” she says with anticipation. 

A cousin, Gina Flynt Lane, is a caterer in the area with Memory Lane Catering. Due to their relationship, package deals will be available to brides who use The Flower Basket for flowers and Memory Lane for catering.

After a week of going through inventory and working on her concept for her new business, Emily says that there will be a “Clean-Out Sale” at The Flower Basket on Saturday, June 6. There will be deep discounts on clearance items as well as regular items, including plants and flowers, for sale.

The Flower Basket is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Saturday hours are from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. 

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