Note: TODAY is the last day to submit nomination forms and applications for Candler County’s first ‘ConnectCandler’ class -- a leadership program sponsored by Metter-Candler Chamber of Commerce.

The focus of ConnectCandler is to ‘Create, Cultivate, Connect,’ according to Chamber Executive Director Jaime Riggs.

Through the sessions, class members will be able to develop effective leadership skills, increasing their networking, engage in community projects, learn of Metter and Candler County’s unique and diverse culture and develop skills in communication, active listening, group processing, team building and self evaluation. 

“With ConnectCandler, we will build and foster relationships between leaders in our community that create connectivity and the power for successful community development,” Riggs said. “We believe in cultivating leaders who will build upon those relationships, collaborate across cultural and economic boundaries and develop innovative ways for Metter-Candler County to thrive, socially and economically.”

The program will begin with a two-day retreat March 3-4, led by Randy Peters, former president of Heart of Georgia Technical College in Dublin.

On April 5, the group will participate in a joint session with the Youth Leadership Class as the younger group graduates from their year-long session.

The second session, on May 5, will be held on conjunction with the University of Georgia and Chamber of Commerce Farm Tour.

The Poverty Simulation will follow on July 13, and a community assessment is planned for Aug. 10.

On Sept.. 14, a Port Tour is in the planning stages and on Oct. 3, class members will participate in the Georgia Southern Challenge Course and Team Building program.

The graduation will take place at the State of the Community Event on Oct. 5.

The deadline to submit nominations and applications will be Jan. 27. Selected candidates will be named on Feb. 3. Forms will be available on Good Morning, Metter! on Wednesday.

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