Button Transportation makes home in Metter

Thomas Barringer with Button Transportation

Bob Button, owner of Button Transportation, says, “God bless the American farmer and God bless truckers.”

Button was looking for a site on which to expand his trucking operation to the Southeast. Based in California, Button wanted his terminal to be no more than 60 miles from Savannah, Georgia. 

He met Thomas Barringer, then with Fugi Oils, and the two men with a common interest in transportation and trucking quickly hit it off. Button told Barringer about his desire to expand. Barringer brought Button to Metter where the Californian fell in love with the community.

“Metter fit the bill for the location for our terminal,” states Button. It is 60 miles from Metter to Savannah via I-16, and Barringer lives in Metter. Barringer agreed to join Button Transportation as the manager of the Metter Terminal, now located at 555 Lytell Street, less than a mile from the I-16 ramp.

Button Transportation was born in 1977 when Bob Button, a fifth generation farmer from California, found himself a young married man with a wife and a baby and no job. 

He assessed his knowledge base and experience and realized that he knew two things – agriculture and trucking. He started the company with a base in agriculture. 

Button Transportation remains a food grade tank operation. According to Button, his trucks carry oils and vinegars to food processing plants in 48 states and Canada.

The Button Transportation terminal is evidence of Button’s belief in keeping his company’s facilities and vehicles looking good. The red, white and blue Button Transportation logo is on the trucks and trailers that are parked in the newly resurfaced yard of the terminal. Trucks out of the Metter terminal will be headed up the East Coast to Pennsylvania, Nashville, Louisville and points beyond.

“It is our goal to keep everything moving,” states Button. Additionally, he expects to grow the business. Loads will also be carried up and down I-16 to Savannah. He adds that the Metter terminal will have a base of operation of local people. 

Although some would say in the midst of global pandemic is not the time to be expanding a business, Button says he is a patient predator and that the Metter site presented itself despite the COVID-19 situation. He adds, “It doesn’t hurt that I enjoy the area.”

Since beginning Button Transporation over 40 years ago, the Button family is now three generations deep into the trucking business. 

Says Button, “Every day we climb into our trucks, we take-on the responsibility of transporting our customer’s goods safely and professionally.  We take this responsibility seriously; we drive trucks with people and product that needs to get there on-time and intact.”  

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