In a called meeting on Sept. 27, Candler County Commissioners agreed to present Hiawatha Road and a connector road from Hwy. 121 to Hwy. 129 as TSPLOST 2-level projects, along with the paving of Piney Grove Road from Highway 57 to the church.

Additionally, the commissioners approved two regional resurfacing projects, one on Griffin Ferry Road and a second on Portal Hwy.

Initial real-time estimate for the Hiawatha St. project, from Hwy. 46 to Hwy. 129 S., is approximately $1 million, according to County Administrator Bryan Aasheim. The City of Metter was approved for $320,000 for the project in the first round of TSPLOST approvals.

“There’s obviously not nearly enough money for (the city) to do the whole job ...,” Aasheim said. At this point, the project is just up for consideration for approval for TSPLOST funding, and particulars of the cost and the city’s and county’s levels of participation have not been determined, according to Aasheim.

The City of Metter has called a meeting today (Wednesday) to discuss their TSPLOST 2 projects, which also have to be submitted to the Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission by Oct. 15.

While the second project, the Hwy. 121-129 Connector, lies entirely within the City of Metter, Commissioner Brad Jones said that this project, like the Hiawatha St. project, “would help the city and the county.”

Although the connector could draw potential business development, Aasheim informed commissioners, “We do not currently have a development plan, other than a rough-out of that road.” Should development come, Aasheim added, “We don’t know what burden that would put on Metter’s utilities ...” That could create a burden on the city to provide utility expansion should business locate on the connector.

However, Jones  said, “If we miss this opportunity to use this money, it’s another ten years when that happens and at that time, we’re already behind the 8-ball.”

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