Sir Real artist to visit Library this Thursday

Michael Albert, ‘Sir Real’

by Suzanne Tyson

Local young people can participate in a hands-on art workshop at the L.C. Anderson Memorial Library on S. Kennedy St. in Metter on Thursday, Oct. 11, from 4-6 p.m. 

“Modern Pop Art Experience and Hands-On Cereal Box Collage Workshop” is the program that will be presented by New York based artist and entrepreneur Michael Albert. The workshop is free and open to the public.

Many may ask, “What is pop art?” It is an art movement that became popular in the 1950s and 60s. The artists of this genre challenged the traditions of fine art, using images of “popular” culture and often containing irony. Well-known pop artists include Andy Warhol, famous for a painting of a Campbell’s Soup can, and Roy Lichtenstein whose paintings are parodies of comic book drawings.

Michael Albert uses cereal boxes as his medium for creating pop art. He calls his movement “Cerealism.” Albert, who is also an entrepreneur who started a juice and jelly company called “Sir Real,” sees a discarded cereal box not as trash but as a thing of beauty. 

“The candy colors, eye-popping graphics and curlicue fonts are just waiting to be combined into a work of art,” he says.

Another plus to Albert’s selected medium is that he is taking recycling to a fine-art level. He says that since society creates a tremendous amount of garbage, he is making a statement by using discarded cereal boxes in his art. On another level, he admits he loves the images on the boxes. “Who doesn’t love Tony the Tiger and Mr. Peanut? They are the ultimate icons of pop culture,” he says.

In order to supplement his art career, Albert started a juice and jam company he calls “Sir Real.” The logo on each bottle and jar includes his artwork, fruits wearing tuxedos and derbies. When someone purchases his juices and jams, his art earns a spot in that person’s refrigerator and at his or her breakfast table.

Albert takes his art on the road through a traveling art program which he has presented all over the United States and Europe. This is the program that he will be presenting at the L.C. Anderson Memorial Library. 

The first hour will be an artist talk and presentation during which Albert will talk about why he makes art. He will also display some of his creations and discuss them with those present. The second hour is a hands-on workshop during which participants will create their own collages. Each person attending will walk away with his or her own creation as well as a signed print as a special thank you gift. 

The program is being provided by the Statesboro Regional Library System as a part of “Teen-tober,” activities focusing on teens and tweens. The program is appropriate for younger children with parent assistance.

Those who would like to provide cereal boxes to be used in the workshop can drop off empty boxes at the L.C. Anderson Memorial Library during business hours up until the day of the workshop. 

For more information, visit Albert’s website or call the Statesboro Regional Library at 912-764-1344 and ask for Cindy Hatchell.

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