Despite what posters on Facebook say, Police Chief Rob Shore says that the situation involving a dead dog tied up on MLK Blvd. is “absolutely, positively not a case of animal abuse.”

While Facebook posts indicate that the dog was ‘hog-tied’ and ‘dragged’ on the street and then the dog’s carcass left unattended, Shore said, “It appears this was a dead animal that was tied in such a way that someone could pick it up to discard -- and then it was left on the side of the road.”

The Chief reports that there were no ligatures on the animal to indicate the dog had been tied up before it died. Additionally, he said, other than normal decay from a deceased animal, there were no signs that the animal had road rash which would indicate it had been dragged.

“The dog didn’t die there,” Shore said, “and it wasn’t dragged down the road. It had already been deceased several days.”

While it is not a case of animal abuse, Shore said, there are pending charges for how the dog’s carcass was treated. The case is actively being investigated and charges are pending.

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