Mullins is named county's new economic development

Hannah Marie Mullins


Hannah Mullins, executive director of Candler County Industrial Authority, has announced her resignation from the Authority.

Mullins, who has accepted a position in the private sector, said her decision was an ‘internal’ one.

“Working in the private sector is all I have ever known until the last several years,” she told the Authority in her letter of resignation. “While I have enjoyed my work, experienced plenty of downs but also a tremendous amount of positive achievements, I feel it is my time to get back to where my heart feels like home -- the construction industry.”

Since joining the Industrial Authority in 2014, Mullins has been instrumental in the location of Linzer Products’ fifth and largest U.S. plant in the former RR Donnelley building on Hwy. 46 East. 

She was also actively involved in the establishment of CPE America’s U.S. headquarters at the formerly vacant spec building in the Industrial Park and later the location of CPE’s partner company, Everdigm, a South Korean based company, into Metter offices. These efforts brought approximately 250 new jobs to the community.

Candler County also received its GRAD certification and unveiled a new community website and professional marketing materials during this time as well.

But Mullins is quick to recognize that much of the accomplishments during her tenure have been due to the hard work of the Authority members and the support of the community.

“Thank you to all of those who have supported the Authority’s efforts as well as my efforts to make this community grow in the right direction,” she said. “Thank you to all of those who may not have supported our efforts along the way as you gave me the motivation to work harder and prove that the Authority is here for the greater good.

“Thank you to an amazing board who never held me back from doing what needed to be done as well as reigning me in when they saw fit. 

“Metter-Candler County will still be home for my family and I will still be very active in the community. My plan is to continue serving on the board of the Boys & Girls Club because I truly believe they serve a great purpose in this community and deserve a chance to flourish for all of the wonderful children who attend every day.

“Thank you, Metter, for making us feel at home and making my job of selling this community an easy one! Let’s not overlook the things we need to do better, but let’s celebrate those that we do best.

“Everyone knew ‘Everything’s better in Metter,’ but now they know where and who we are and what we have to offer.”

“Hannah has been a wonderful asset for our community and an incredible economic developer for our industrial authority,” said Mayor Billy Trapnell, chairman of the Candler County Industrial Authority. “During her short tenure with us, she has built very strong alliances with all facets of statewide agencies involved with economic development, drawing positive attention to Metter and Candler County.  

“The fact that during her first year with us she was able to bring CPE America Inc. and Everdigm America Inc  into our spec building and Linzer Products into the RR Donnelley building is phenomenal. These are major accomplishments for our community that will pay dividends for many years to come.  

“We will miss her representing our community, but we wish for her the very best in her new position.”

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