Bennie Bird property

The Bennie Bird property under consideration for an Apartment Complex.

    The Planning Commission of Metter will meet on Thursday afternoon at 6 p.m. to consider a zoning amendment request for a proposed apartment complex on West Hiawatha Street.

    The commissioner will consider rezoning a portion of the property from R2 (single family residential) and another portion from R3 (two-family residential) to R4 (multi-family) for the complex.

    According to their application, the developer, Beverly J. Searles Foundation Inc of Duluth, is proposing to develop “Hiawatha Place Phase I,” with a total development cost of $10-$12 million.

    The project, the application states, “will offer intergenerational housing for city, county and state employees, veterans, young professionals and other qualified residents” and will include such amenities as nature trails.

    With approval of City Council, the project developer anticipates beginning construction in spring of 2017, with initial occupancy beginning about 10 months later.

    Once the planning commission meets on Thursday to consider the request, they will develop a recommendation to present to City Council. The planning commission meetings are open to the public.

    According to Public Works Director Cliff Hendrix, at Monday’s meeting of City Council, the council members will set a date for a public hearing in May to allow public input into the process before a vote is taken.

    Once a date is set for the public hearing, the date will be advertised in the newspaper and a notice will be mailed to every property owner within 500 feet of the property involved. Additionally, the petitioners will be required to install signs announcing the date and time of the public hearing.

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