Action Pact will meet with Mayor Ed Boyd and City Manager Carter Crawford on Wednesday (today) to review potential sites for their Senior Center services.

The community action agency, which also oversees the Head Start operation at the old middle school, operates 10 senior centers in 18 counties. 

After hearing last week of the county’s decision Executive Director Bryan Singleton stated that he was not surprised. “All of the counties are strapped,” he said, “and their budgets are hurting.” 

However, he said, “Most of the counties see the need (for our services) and make it a priority that our seniors are taken care of.”

“This Candler County group is so active,” Singleton said. “They are a great group and some of the nicest folks I’ve met.”

The local seniors were notified this past week of the county’s decision. The 90-day notice was received by Action Pact on June 8.

Serving the Candler County community for over 30 years, Singleton added, “The Candler County seniors are the ones that built this community. We are committed to serving them and trying to find another location.”

He then asked the community if anyone knew of any options for housing the program.

Before COVID-19 and shelter in place orders, Singleton said, “We served 53 seniors, with about 20 coming in each day, Monday through Friday, for a hot lunch and activities.” The others, he said, had meals delivered to their homes.

Now, during the pandemic, more meals are delivered to homes, although some seniors opt to drive to the center and have meals delivered to them in a “drive-through” format. 

To ensure seniors have nutritious options during the pandemic, Singleton said that Chicken of the Sea donated 11,000 cans of tuna to serve all 18 counties. That donation, along with fruit, breakfast bars and other health food items have provided about six weeks worth of meals, Singleton explained.

Anyone wanting to know more about the Senior Center program through Action Pact or knowing of a possible location for the Center is asked to contact Bryan Singleton at 912.285.6293 (office) or 864.483.0976 (cell) or e-mail

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