Metter PD receives  state certification

Front row, l-r: Sgt. Ricky Lovett; Sgt. Johnny Carter; Mayor Ed Boyd; Police Chief Rob Shore; GA Association of Chiefs of Police President Wesley Walker; Sgt. McKinley Lewis. Back row: Sgt. Ray Smith; Patrolman Joshua Blake; Capt. Kevin Wadley; Lt. Tim Platt; Sgt. Kris Storey; Patrolman Robert English.

Metter Police Department was officially recognized on Monday night for having achieved State Law Enforcement Certification.

Chief Rob Shore and members of the department were formally recognized at Monday’s meeting of City Council. The meeting was moved to the training room of Metter Police Department to accommodate the officers, family and friends who were in attendance.

Lyons Police Chief Wesley Walker, who is president of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, presented the plaque.

“I know exactly what (Metter Police Department) has been through,” Chief Walker said. “I’m a certification manager myself, and the steps they have to take to receive such a prestigious award is in great detail. They have to meet 129 standards.

“You have to basically re-do everything that you’re probably used to doing, as far down as learning how to write reports again to make sure you document each one of those standards. It’s not something you take lightly. It’s a very in-depth process in order to get to this point.”

Mayor Ed Boyd also congratulated the department for their effort, particularly Chief Shore and Captain Kevin Wadley, who has been keeping Council updated with the accreditation process.

“We are so proud of what you do out there,” Mayor Boyd said to the officers. “It seems like every day in the news, somewhere in the country, there’s some mistake in judgment made, and you guys have to overcome that along with your regular duties dealing with the public. 

“I think you have gone the extra mile in trying to have good relations with our community members, and that is so important. We appreciate your steadfastness and your professionalism.”

What is certification?

Certification is a progressive and time-proven way of helping law enforcement agencies calculate and improve their overall performances.

To achieve certification, an agency conducts a thorough self-analysis to determine how existing operations can be adapted to meet objectives. A team of trained assessors verifies that applicable standards have been successfully implemented before a joint executive committee determines that the requirements have been met.

Currently, approximately 25 percent of law enforcement agencies in the state of Georgia are state certified, and the number of agencies the size of Metter are less than that.

“The City of Metter and Metter Police Department began the process of certification approximately three years ago in an attempt to reduce liability following several pending lawsuits,” explained Chief Rob Shore.

“Obtaining state certification demonstrates that the Metter Police Department is utilizing policies and practices that are consistent with standards that are utilized throughout the nation,” Shore added. “The certification should give the citizens of Metter more confidence that we are operating in a more professional and effective manner.”

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