Metter City Council approved on Monday evening a proposed Foster Program for Metter Animal Shelter as presented by the Grayson Trapnell Animal Services Committee.

The foster program, under the Georgia Department of Agriculture license held by Metter Animal Shelter, will aid the shelter during emergency situations and in cases where rescue or adoption is pending and to otherwise free up space in the shelter when it is full.

A foster home is routinely in the practice of providing temporary care for animals and must be under written contract with the animal shelter.

The Grayson Trapnell Animal Services Committee and Paws, Hearts & Hands of Candler County will begin actively seeking potential foster homes for animals housed at Metter Animal Shelter. 

Foster Homes will be inspected twice annually by Metter Animal Shelter and will be required to comply with local ordinances. 

In other business of the meeting, Council approved a zoning map amendment request by Seth Durden for 12.05 acres of property on Hwy. 46 E to allow for a manufactured home.

The request was approved after council entered into a public hearing for public feedback on the application. Wesley Lee, who owns property off the Stillmore Highway, had no opposition to Durden’s request; however, he asked why his request for a building permit was not moving being addressed in the same manner.

Lee stated that City Hall was not responding to his attempts to meet with administration about his concerns and that he had not received application information that had been mailed to him. City Manager Mandi Cody informed Lee she had not received any message that he had requested to talk with her.

The situation was immediately addressed during Monday’s meeting, with Cody setting a meeting time with Lee and Mayor Ed Boyd extending an apology for the city’s slow response. 

Also during the meeting, Council approved an application to the Bureau of Justice Assistance for the 2019 Bulletproof Vest Parnership Grant for five bulletproof vests. The 50/50 grant totals $4,000.

Council also authorized the disposal of a Kohler portable gas generator, a Superior smoke machine and a Tsunami mud pump. None of the aging equipment is worth the expense of repair.

Bids by Hawkins and Silvex Company Inc. were approved for water chemicals and sewer enzymes.

Council tabled reappointments for the Housing Authority until a called meeting on Friday morning.

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