County Administrator Bryan Aasheim expressed his concern over the reassessments. In response to the property owners calling the County Commission, Aasheim said, “I am extremely concerned about the tax assessments that were recently sent out. I’ve had conversations with individual commissioners who also share my concerns. “

Aasheim said that reassessments are conducted by the Tax Assessor’s Office and are an independent function of that office. The County Commission exercises no authority over that process. 

“I’ve talked with residents and business owners regarding their properties and some very large potential tax increases. I’m not sure how the values were derived or what methodology was used, but I’ve seen examples of several that are outrageous increases,” he explained.  

 f an individual disputes their property value, the recourse before them is to file an appeal, he added. “The Board of Commissioners does not have any authority over the assessments, but I suggest property owners contact the Tax Assessor’s office with any questions and I strongly encourage them to file an appeal if they are concerned about the amount of the assessment on their property,” Aasheim said.


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